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Green Travel

Green travel is the best way of being environmentally friendly and having Mother Nature on your mind whenever you decide to get a vacation. There are many ways in which you can care about the environment and regardless of where you go – somewhere local in US cities like Las Vegas, Chicago or Miami, or if you go somewhere exotic like Thailand or the Bahamas. All of these places are beautiful in their own ways – Las Vegas has the best and most entertaining night life and the most amazing casino hotels while Miami has some of the most amazing beaches for surfing and swimming. Wherever you are, you must have the environment in mind, as it is important for all of us to take care for it. This is where green travel comes into play.

In the same manner, green travel is very important for all people in the earth, even if they are taking the small steps. Although it seems like an insignificant thing to do, it is the small steps that count.

What are Green Travelers?

Green travelers are just like any other traveler who seeks adventure and fun while exploring new places. However, the difference between other travelers and green travelers is that they are aiming to help the nature while doing so. Just like any other environmentalists, green travel companies and green travelers use the three most important R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. You can even earn some extra cash while on your green trip with the help of your mobile device and access to the internet. The options range from writing reviews for products, working as a freelancer to playing online games. You can make money if you use casino bonuses to play slots and other games on gambling sites. Use this 30€ casino cash offer and have a chance at winning huge jackpots.

Basically, this type of travelling is called ecotourism which includes minimum invasiveness of the tourists. The most important things that the green travelers do is being environmentally-conscious and they don’t impose on the native’s culture, they help the local environment and they care for the local economy in the place they are visiting. Also, they don’t rent cars but walk or use and rent bikes, electric cars. Also, most of the time, they use public transport too.

In case the tap water isn’t drinkable in the place they visit, all of the green travelers fill reusable water bottles and either boil or get filtered water – but never in plastic bottles that they throw away. In addition to this, for green travelers it is very important that they stay in an environmental or a green hotel. This means that they’d prefer hotels who use solar power instead of electric power. Also, they would require that the hotel services don’t use one-time straws and other unnecessary plastic that us, humans produce. The same goes for spending paper unnecessarily. So, if they can give you a digital instead of paper documentation – it would be the best. The same goes for preferring local businesses that offer local produce instead of international gigantic companies.

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However, there are a lot of environmentally-conscious hotels as well, which is why this isn’t a huge problem. There are many restaurants that are completely eco-friendly and have rejected the method of one-time-use straws and napkins.

Top Eco-Friendly Casino Hotels

Speaking about eco-friendly accommodation, one of the most fun you can find in the world are in fact – eco-friendly casino hotels. These casino hotels are basically places where you’ll stay and know that you are doing something good for the environment. And don’t worry, there are many in the world. We have the Melco Resorts and Entertainment, the Venetian Macao, the MGM Resorts and of course, the Manadalay Bay Hotel and Resorts. We also have other great ones like the Caesar’s Entertainment, the joyous Simbaya Casino and the Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel. Whichever of these casino hotels one you choose, you won’t be sorry and the nature will be thankful!

As you probably noticed all of these eco-friendly casino hotels are located in Las Vegas, as this is one of the city with the best casinos in the world. In fact, Las Vegas has so many casino hotels which makes them want to compete even more. They compete between each other in everything, including which one will ensure the best environmental sustainability. Of course, not everyone can travel to Vegas to play in these eco-casino hotels. But no worries, if you are environmentally aware, you can still enjoy your favorite games by playing them in online casinos like Winamax, which are way more green than any real physical casino. Navigate to this link to read more.

Many of Las Vegas’ casino hotels are homes of the best casinos in the world, which is what makes LV the city that never sleeps nor stops gambling. Of course, this is exactly why you can never stop having fun there either. The best casino hotels here offer various different casino games in different variations including blackjack games and roulette games, and for those who want things to go fast – there are thousands of different slots games. After all, you cannot go to Vegas without playing a few rounds at the slots games, right?

So, if you were wondering how to be a green traveler and still have the time of your life – never miss a chance to visit some of the best eco casino hotels that are located in the US. It is approachable, eco-friendly and most importantly, playing these casino games, you’ll surely live to tell stories about nights you won’t forget!